Swish Pattern to change any Behavior – NLP Technique Live Demo

NLP is full of wonderful techniques that create change. The Swish Pattern is one the most popular NLP Techniques.This video demonstrates the step by step procedure to perform NLP Technique SWISH.

The Swish is used to change your unwanted behavior or habits by establishing a new direction.


1. Identify the problem
A behavior or situation where you want to respond more resourcefully
2. Identify the picture that triggers the problem.
How do you know when you do it? What are specific cues that always precede it? Look for a specific visual trigger for the problem.
3. Identify two critical sub-modalities of the cue picture that give an impact.
The most common ones are size and brightness. If they are not, experiment other visual sub-modalities.
4. Break State by asking the person to repeat his name in his mind.
5. Create a picture of a desired self-image.
How would you like to see yourself if you did not have this problem? What sort of person would be easily able to solve this problem or would not even have the problem in the first place? Make this image balanced and believable and not tied to any particular context. Make an ecological check.This picture needs to be dissociated one and compelling one. Convert this picture in a small and dark dot.
6. Break state.
7. ‘Swish’ the two pictures.
Go back to the problem picture. Make it a big bright image if these are your critical sub-modalities. In one corner of this picture, put that tiny dot having your desired self-image…and expand it to fill the frame. Make the problem picture grow dim and shrink to nothing. Do it very fast. At the same time, imagine some sound that fits with that movement.
8. Break the state visually. Open your eyes and look around.
9. Repeat the swish and break the state.
Do it five to ten times.
10.Test and future pace.
Try to access the problem state. What is the difference?

Important: If the swish does not work then;

a. You may not have the right trigger.
b. You may not have the critical sub-modalities.

The self-image may not be strong or compelling enough.

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