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How Changing The Way You “See” A Fear Changes The Fear
The Power Of Working With The Inner Voice
How You Can “Spin” Your Fear Away
That The Greatest Weapon Against Fear Is Laughter
Dr Richard Bandler’s Unique Educational Approach To Phobias
How The World’s Greatest Hypnotist Brings About Change In Minutes.It’s a fantastic opportunity to watch the “Father of the Modern Self-Help Movement” Dr Richard Bandler identifying the thought patterns of three people who are paralysed with fear, in order to change their thinking.

It’s also a chance to see how:

An Arachnophobe fearlessly picks up a spider
An Ophidophobe is perfectly happy to handle a snake
A Claustrophobe Happily “Forget” To Walk Out Of A Tiny Room

The subjects of this DVD each had one thing in common:

Before they met Dr Richard Bandler, they lived in terror of the object of their phobia.

They never believed that they could get over their fear so easily, or with such a sense of delight at overcoming it.

This DVD is the first “studio quality” DVD that shows Dr Bandler using his world famous NLP Fast Phobia Cure on three different cases in front of a live audience.

And throughout, Dr Bandler comments on the ideas behind his work, and how he views his own contribution to setting people free from the fears.It’s a unique, high quality programme that will amaze you with the speed and ease with which he:

identifies the ways in which his clients “do” their fear
uses unique linguistic methods to “set the scene” for the change to come
delights his subjects while helping them
tailors his treatment precisely to each of the subjects
uses hypnosis to “lock in” the changes that he makes
tests his work by getting each to confront what were previously the objects of their anxiety
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