Success Mastery with NLP Audiobook

{{unknown}}Get an audiobook in full for free: Written by: Charles Faulkner Length: 7 hrs and 2 mins Language: English Enjoy the reward and the journey! Neuro-linguistic Programming, or NLP, is a remarkable technology that unlocks Discover A Lot More

2-Minute Neuroscience: Glial Cells

In my 2-Minute Neuroscience videos I simplistically explain neuroscience topics in 2 minutes or less. In this video, I cover glial cells. I discuss microglia and several types of macroglia: astrocytes, oligodendrocytes, Schwann cells, ependymal Discover A Lot More


Don’t hesitate to comment below if you have any questions or additional phrases ENHANCING CLUSTER LABELING USING WIKIPEDIA David Carmel, Haggai Roitman, Naama Zwerdling IBM Research Lab SIGIR’09 ,Document Clustering A method of aggregating a Discover A Lot More

Follow these 7 Secrets to Success – NLP Video

{{unknown}}Follow these seven secrets to success. 1. Present State to Desired Outcome Model. 2. Personality Type. 3. Passion / Interest. 4. Purpose. 5. Stages of Flow 6. Intention – Attention – Task – Focus – Concentrate. 7. Questions, Statements and Commands. CHECK Discover A Lot More

NLP Second Skin Program 2

This NLP program is used to give an added sense of protection for people who are particularly sensitive to the things life gives us, the empathetic individuals. It is also useful to those in the helping profession such as teachers, Reiki and massage Discover A Lot More