NLP Master Practitioner Training Sample 1

NLP Master Practitioner Training. I have put a few samples from the 24+ hour CD i am selling on Ebay. The samples are from the begining of the training CD. If your interested In the rest of what is on the Cd Simply follow this link Discover A Lot More

The Purpose of Pacing and Leading

When you can connect with others on both conscious and unconscious levels, the benefits of establishing rapport begin to emerge. One rapport phenomena is referred to as “pacing and leading”, which can enable you to guide others to more resourceful Discover A Lot More

Neuro linguistic programming

What is NLP? NLP is known as Neuro Linguistic Programming. It lets you know on how to use your brain effectively. As we are taught in school different things like Math, Science, History and others; we only learn a few skills on how to feel good Discover A Lot More

NLP Techniques: Eliciting Values & Criteria

{{unknown}}What’s the difference between Values and Criteria and why are they important? A value is not a thing. Value is the degree of meaning you give something whether that’s lots of meaning for the things you highly value or little meaning for the things Discover A Lot More

Examples of an NLP exercise

Michael Carroll at the NLP Business Practitioner sets an exercise where real life applications of NLP occur. This is a great way to see how you would work and practice here at a course . Discover A Lot More

NLPt Psychotherapy

Professional training for psychotherapy with NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). NLPt (Neuro-Linguistic Psychotherapy) has many facets. Often narcissistic ripoff artists try to seduce students with low quality short time courses. This humouros Discover A Lot More