Scikit-Learn incorporation – Natural Language Processing With Python and NLTK p.15

{{unknown}}Despite coming packed with some classifiers, NLTK is mainly a toolkit focused on natural language processing, and not machine learning specifically. A module that is focused on machine learning is scikit-learn, which is packed with a large array Discover A Lot More

John La Valle, master of communication. NLP in business.

Does the person ‘on the floor’ and the leader speak the same ‘language’? If not, how does that effect the company’s end result? Be inspired by maste of communication John La Valle, and join us in Oslo in May 2014. English: Discover A Lot More

Understanding Hypnosis & NLP in #Dating & Relationships! #Power #Love

{{unknown}}Understanding Hypnosis & NLP in #Dating & Relationships! #Power #Love Understanding the art of loving a woman! There are Powerful Keys to enhancing your Love & Relationships in a way that builds a stronger Bond mentally Discover A Lot More

5 Simple Steps of NLP In Network Marketing Presenting

5 Simple Steps of NLP In Network Marketing Presenting – 5 Simple Steps of NLP In Network Marketing Presenting! At the Network Marketing Pro Event this past weekend Susan Sly spoke on 5 simple steps of NLP when it comes to Network Marketing. Susan Sly is Discover A Lot More

NLP in der Lean-Praxis – Menschlich-soziale Erfolgsfaktoren für Lean, KVP & Co.

Für Lean & Co. umfassen Erfolgsfaktoren technisch-fachlich-sachliche und menschlich-soziale Aspekte. Der Vortrag behandelt die weichen Faktoren und bietet konkrete Hilfestellungen, u.a. Vorannahmen, Menschenbild, Kommunikation, Umgang mit Konflikten, Discover A Lot More