Artificial intelligence with natural language processing code Part 2

This is a port of the code developed in December 2014 for Friedel Jonker from IBM, to crunch WATSON’s healthcare and travel corpus. It is considered the third layer of AI which consumes large volumes of written material and makes order out of it. Then the first and second layers, store and retrieve answers to any related questions. The first layer converts the question to a statement.
The second layer takes the statement analysis, and retrieves any matching statements. The third layer collects the factual memory that is to be retrieved.

In the process it was revealed that WATSON itself was fake, however the code I developed is certainly real. I refuse to work with IBM, because it was also revealed that the example were nothing more than data mining techniques for personal information that could be used by advertisers, just like Cortana. Obviously the monetization of WATSON and Cortana has mixed objectives, none of which are going to help mankind or cure cancer.

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