#3 Understanding Women for Dating & Relationships Mike Kollin PUA NLP Hypnosis

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This video is a bit more about Understanding how men process their problems.

There is an easier way to Understand the opposite sex for Romance, Love, Clarity in Communication and Seduction! Yes guys, your wife and girlfriend wants to be Seduced.

Either you learn how to Seduce her, or another guy will. Sorry, but that’ just the facts.

This video is about Understanding Women for Dating & Relationships

#1 Clarity: When I say men need to go back or take time alone to Ruminate and think about their problem or problems, that’s just the way the male brain was designed… after a while, a few hours, possibly even a few days to a few weeks, he will eventually come back out and he will share with you….

So ladies, be patient, give him his space and allow him to go through his natural process… He still Loves you, he just needs time to Process.

Men and women process their problems in the opposite way. So allow each other to deal with their situations in their own way.

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