Complaining is in The Genes शिकायते हमारा स्वभाव है -by Dr. Deepak Kelkar

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How to Increase Sales Using NLP-with Trainer Gregory A. Harris, m.NLP

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Best way to Get Rid of Depression – Change your Belief | NLP Technique in Hindi

{{unknown}}Getting rid of depression and anxiety can be very challenging without proper knowledge and longer period of Depression and anxiety can ruin your mental and emotional life but a small shift in how we see the thing can make huge change. NLP techniques Discover A Lot More

Lecture 8: Recurrent Neural Networks and Language Models

{{unknown}}Lecture 8 covers traditional language models, RNNs, and RNN language models. Also reviewed are important training problems and tricks, RNNs for other sequence tasks, and bidirectional and deep RNNs. ——————————————————————————- Natural Discover A Lot More

Anil Dagia’s Emotional Fitness Gym with MJ Shubhra on 94.3 Radio One – Part 1

Some Facts About Emotional Fitness Gym – Interviewed & Featured in the news on Front Page by Times Of India – Pune Times dated 18th October, 2013 – – Interviewed & Featured in the news by Mid – Day dated 27th September, Discover A Lot More