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Daniel Hill Advanced EFT & NLP Master, Life Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Enneagram Mentor

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Mark Passio – The Cult Of Ultimate Evil: Order-Followers & The Destruction Of The Sacred Feminine

This is the presentation Mark Passio gave at the Free Your Mind 3 Conference in 2015. In this lecture, Mark explains how Order-Followers in the Police and Military are members of a world-wide Cult that is destroying human freedom. Visit Mark Passio’s Discover A Lot More

IAMC Cyprus NLP Practitioner Licensed Training with Brian Colbert Master NLP Trainer

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2.The Quantum Computing (Neurolinguistic Programing) of the human mind on the consumerism.

I keep in my mind that people watching this video have already watched my previous videos as well. In one of the previous videos I explained that every computing device, including brain chip interfaces, have IP addresses. The main TI is infected Discover A Lot More

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