Kepemimpinan Organisasi Poltekes Kemenkes Gorontalo #3 | Bang Lubis

{{unknown}}BANG LUBIS TV adalah saluran yang di buat sebagai sarana untuk berbagi materi materi pembelajaran yang di sampaikan oleh Bapak Ahmad Rosadi yang juga sering di sapa Coach Rosadi atau Bang Lubis. Bang Lubis adalah sapaan akrab seorang trainer muda Discover A Lot More

Neurolinguistic Programming Master Practitioner And International Trainer William Wood

{{unknown}}When the SH*# hits the fan, we know it. Yet do we notice all the good things that happen in our lives? This interview has me taking a whole new look at my good and bad experiences in every area of life personally and professionally. I believe Discover A Lot More

The 3 Biggest Pains & 1 Huge Secret To NLP & Life Coach Training |

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The 3 biggest pains aspiring coaches and future NLP practitioners face when getting started in NLP and the little know secret to being a great coach… I have a little known and much sought after secret for you which I will share in about 30 seconds, Discover A Lot More

365 Days of FREE Video Training – Week #2 – Quote Monday – Aim for Progress not Perfection

Grab my book on daily rituals: Connect with me on Facebook: Follow me on Instagram: Connect with me on Linkedin: Follow me on Twitter: This Discover A Lot More