3. Government Gang Stalking America Needs Reform From Top To Bottom– 3/15/2015

{{unknown}}The street is empty of pedestrians except for the person in RED walking in front of me/with companion. I would like to emphasize I never say anyone in my videos is a Gang Stalker. I am not a mind reader. I don’t know a person’s intentions. All Discover A Lot More

Release The Past – Release Guilt – Release Grudges – Embrace Forgiveness- Heal Yourself

These hypnosis videos have been created by Master Practitioner of NLP, Covert and Milton Model Hypnosis, Timeline Therapy and Reiki, George Hutton who has a degree in physics, several years experience in sales, and has published numerous books, courses, Discover A Lot More

Be Confident, Powerful, Secure & Unstoppable -Binaural Subliminal Meditation | Increase Confidence

{{unknown}}Welcome to How to Build Self Confidence personal development Training/Coaching session. This video contains: Binaural Beats alpha brain waves 10.5 and 10hz + SOLFEGGIO 396hz base frequency + Subliminal affirmations (both audio and visual) and relaxing Discover A Lot More

leeds personal trainer | achieving goals day 4 with miles halstead

{{unknown}}http://www.myonlinefatlosscoach.co.uk/ on the day 4 video leeds nlp practitioner and hypnotherapist miles halstead goes through moving forward from your roadblocks and excuses to how you overcome them for more information and learn more visit http://www.iammileshalstead.com/ Discover A Lot More

Développer sa Confiance en soi – Solution en ligne – Témoignage Patrick

{{unknown}}Découvrez cette formation: http://budurl.com/ConfianceYT1 Développer sa Confiance en soi – Solution en ligne – Témoignage de Patrick – Solution offerte par David Bordez Patrick vous partage son témoignage suite à sa participation à la Solution Discover A Lot More