PNL – Activa tu poder interior con Programación Neurolingüística – Audiolibro

Qué necesitas para progresar? ¿Sabes cómo lograr tus objetivos? La Programación Neuro -Lingüística (PNL) te ofrece las herramientas idóneas para que consigas creer más ti, tener mayor seguridad en cualquier lugar, momento y situación. El Discover A Lot More

How to Achieve Your Goals | Part 2 – Cause and Effect | The Coaching Institute

{{unknown}}This is the second of 6 mini-classes on effective goal setting by Sharon Pearson. NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is the most advanced form of coaching in the world. It teaches us one of the most important concepts of goal achievement there is Discover A Lot More

FREE NLP TRAINING: Beyond NLP – The Neuro Science of Success Secrets of Rapid Change

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Mindfulness Meditation in 20 Minutes (Guided Technique / Anxiety / Depression / Stress Relief)

{{unknown}}Download this track: Download track from CD Baby: Downloads on iTunes: Subscribe Discover A Lot More