NLP Training: Learn Neuro Linguistic Programming from Richard Bandler – Learn the best neuro lingustic programming techniques with Richard Bandler the co creator of NLP. NLP is seen as one of the best self improvement methods and anyone can use it to achieve more in life. Richard Bandler Discover A Lot More

โชคดีบ่อยขึ้น เพราะรู้สิ่งนี้

{{unknown}}โชคดีบ่อยขึ้น เพราะรู้สิ่งนี้ “คำขอบคุณ” Coach Johnny โค้ชจอห์นนี่ Dip.PLRT, EFT, MM NLP & Hypnosis Coach นักโปรแกรมจิต ด้วยวิทยาศาสตร์ทางจิต Discover A Lot More

TONY ROBBINS COURSES & SEMINARS | Interview with Ramona Meyer by Jasper Geluk (2017)

Think you’ll like this. Really interesting view on what a seminar from Tony Robbins is really like. In this interview Jasper Geluk talks with Ramona Meyer about going to Tony (Anthony) Robbins courses and seminars. The video was filmed in Bucharest Discover A Lot More

#ASMR Sleep hypnosis for resistant subjects 3 – Very deep trance for insomnia #hypnosis #NLP

Hypnotist Nicole Playlist Hypnosis for sleep playlist Whispering ASMR Hypnosis Playlist #ASMR Discover A Lot More

Back To School Tips from World Record Holder Dave Farrow – Memorization

Memory Interview – back to school test tips 8-20-2007 The World Memory Tournament Federation is in 7 countries and counting. It is not the only test for memory but it is the only one designed with young people in mind. Its fun, exciting and just Discover A Lot More