3. Government Gang Stalking USA: Not The Country She Pretends To Be – 3/13/2015

{{unknown}}Here I am exiting my development to go out via Buena Hills. There are hardly any cars on the road, but in front of me goes a RED car. I would like to emphasize I never say anyone in my videos is a Gang Stalker. I am not a mind reader. I don’t Discover A Lot More

Non verbal communication and anchors – Trainers Training with NLP Academy – Day 3

It’s the end of day 4 of Trainers Training. Absolutely fantastic day. The quality of the presentations are truly phenomenal today. Very, very precise information being targeted in just the right way. Every time I felt that I needed something, someone Discover A Lot More

List comprehension and generator expressions – Intermediate Python Programming p.4

{{unknown}}Welcome to part 4 of the intermediate Python programming tutorial series. In this part, we’re going to talk about list comprehension and generators. To begin, let’s show a quick example and reason for both. A generator that is used commonly is Python Discover A Lot More

The McConomy Bradley School of Dance – Positive ‘Dancing’ Party before Boston for The Worlds 2013!

We have 3 World Champion Irish Dancers here and all the other dancers came back with places and medals from Boston. Positive Parties delivered a Positive ‘Dancing’ Parties workshop 2 days before they left to get everyone all motivated and feeling Discover A Lot More

How can NLP text mining help improve clinical risk monitoring and hospital efficiency?

{{unknown}}Data is at the heart of healthcare transformation, but 80% of it is unstructured. Clinical Natural Language Processing turns text into actionable patient insights. Linguamatics is the world leader in innovative health science focused natural language Discover A Lot More

KRSC – SUCCESS N.L.P. Sales & Leadership Mastery – Video #3 Empower Yourself & Others

Learning how to empower others and get they beyond their reasons or excuses through powerful language is very important skill. Neuro Linguistic Programming teaches how to do this very powerfully and effectively to achieve great success and results! Discover A Lot More

Persuasive Writing – Write Incredible Persuasive Words To Generate Massive Income

Credit: Video created by George Hutton, a master practitioner of NLP, Covert and Milton Model Hypnosis. Premium Products: __________________ Intelligence Accelerator – Unleash Your Genius Ability to Easily Generate Solutions, Solve Complex Problems, Discover A Lot More