Free Speed Reading Course (1/5)

FREE SPEED READING COURSE ► Speed reading instructor Paul Nowak of Iris teaches speed reading techniques to students at Ohio State University. The video covers basic techniques to improve reading speed. Learn Discover A Lot More

Social Anxiety: Help To Overcome Shyness

{{unknown}} Social anxiety can be a crippling state of mind and can prevent people from living fulfilling lives. For some, shyness and fear of taking to or meeting other Discover A Lot More

Lesson 2 Communications Skills Training

This is a FREE Online course where you learn simple ways to become a master communicator. You get lessons as videos, audios, text messages via what’s app from Kamran Sultan – Licensed Master Trainer of NLP and Hypnosis. To get lessons send your full Discover A Lot More

What Is NLP Ingilizce

{{unknown}}What Is NLP Ingilizce, Life Coaching Training – Structure Tool I’m doing this class because I know it will assist my own personal advancement and management abilities that cause more cash to ultimately manifest my dream. Stop Discover A Lot More

Scientology – How to make a Cult

I had to edit this to make the 10min mark. I removed blank screens, the final credits and the final scene that results in a Kill, as shown at the beginning. The full version is easily found. See Also neuro-linguistic programming Derren Brown Discover A Lot More

NLP Master : Mindsetmax an NLP Master is a truly powerful achievement. A n NLP Master is someone who has reached that point when nothing about the mechanics of Neuro Linguistic Programming is a secret. Getting an NLP Certification Discover A Lot More

NLP Coach Camberwell

{{unknown}}NLP Coach Camberwell, Accelerate You Success Advancement With Power Of Mind Disciplines The power of the attraction is effective only when you utilize it consistently and duplicate the practice. You didn’t make one sale Discover A Lot More